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We can't stop here - This is bat country

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  2006.07.24  19.32
Perry Bible Fellowship

This guy has the market cornered on dark web comics I think. Check it out: http://www.thepbf.com/


  2006.07.17  21.27

If the typical Mario game is pretty close to a drug analogy I guess this one is a bad trip...



  2006.07.10  22.41
This is priceless - if its real

Is there anyone still out there who doesn't know the Onion is satire?


Seems to have missed the other headlines:



  2006.07.05  07.23
Never thought I'd say this...

Go Fox News...


Tear that crazy bitch a new one.

Oh and check this from the same page...


Why did he have to be called Richard? We're not all that stupid ... really.


  2006.07.02  15.19
Canada Day 2006

In addition to Justin's latest post I have thrown the pictures of Canada Day festivities up here --> Photos

(refresh after a while as they're currently uploading and not going too fast - should be 58 in total)

Including such highlights as pre-noon Guitar Hero, World Cup reactions and drinking portraits, and of course - too many Daquris at Foldger's place (that said the strawberries can't be bad for you at least). Justin's post will also tell you why there are no good fireworks pictures here.

Oh - this must be Joe's 100th picture too ... need to stop making faces if you want the photographer(s) to leave you be

oh and credit to Cara and Justin as they are probably responsible for a few of those pictures - obviously the ones of me and someothers.


  2006.06.25  09.34

Seems to be some noise about the Leafs trying to deal Stajan and Kaberle for this guy called Pronger. Of course whether this is true or not you have guys on the Leafs boards that wouldn't do it... its odd. So many people HATED Kaberle over the years because he was too soft and wouldn't take the man but he could pass. Now he still only passes and can move the puck but he's hoped by some to lead the Leafs' D for years to come. Sorry but if theres a chance to get Chris Pronger - one of the top 3 NHL D-men easily - you take it. Not for Steen though because they need to have some sense. Stajan and Kaberle or Wellwood and K (only if they won't take Stajan) plus a pick and maybe another younger guy (if one exists and it won't screw the Leafs) if Edmonton is willing to deal, fire away. (I'm not making this up - Steen and Kaberle was the request from Lowe but the Leafs countered with Stajan)

Supposedly the Sens don't have the leverage with two of their big defence as UFAs and I heard the NYRs don't have a defence they can offer up ... of course there's damn near every team interested in Pronger so we'll see.

(and send McCabe packing ... he's had a LONG time to sign that ridiculous contract he negotiated family reasons or not. That would free up a LOT of money to spend on guys like Jay Mckee etc if they're available).


  2006.06.21  21.11
thats gold Jerry

"I could throw you in a river and skim ugly for two days"

Response to some guy's picture posting forum post at RuthlessReviews.com ... living up the the name :)


  2006.06.20  18.36
Flickr and the 30D

Some random shots (4 in total) that I took from the 30D I bought last week. Still learning the new camera but I think its pretty sweet so far. Click on the 30D set over on the right. (Link Here) Get big ones by clicking the "all sizes" button.

Was going to get the 20D but this one had a larger screen (2.5") spot metering, more durable shutter, higher iso and a few other improvements. Got the financing option at Henry's and its not much of a premium on top of the actual price - couple hundred extra over the next 2 years. Planning on killing that off before then anyway and using the card to get a nice lens - I could just pay it all up front but that would leave me a little light and this makes it more pallatable when dealing with the larger ticket items.


  2006.06.19  07.53
Newfound Sympathy

Justin - I now have a better idea how you feel when we say you argue too much and get crazy about a point... its impossible to get a fucking word in edgewise with some of them otherwise. Maybe I've been just as bad butat least I (and some) try.

Clue one - if you don't actually want to hear a person's counter argument about a point you make directly to that person in conversation and you'd rather just talk over him or her when they respond - don't ask in the first goddamn place.


  2006.06.11  16.35
Crisis averted ... for now

Unexplained shutdowns led me to check the inside of the computer case for the first time in ages... good thing too - I made a clump of dust about the size of a baseball from what I removed from all my fans and such. On the first restart I noticed the temp climbing still ... so just by chance I looked inside and the cpu fan wasn't spinning... oops. Must have got something stuck in the magnets. After shutting it down I spun it manually till it started to move freely and now its cooling at 50 degrees under decent load. Lucky I caught it or I'd be dead in the water after about 3 min of no fan.

I'll update later with some Quebec City pictures and a recount of the last week of orientation.


  2006.06.01  07.27
Pimping your childhood to sell cars

So theres a Transformers movie coming next year. This could be either great or absolutely horrible. Its got Michael Bay attached to it but thats ok since car chases are about all he does well and Transformers were always about chasing each other and blowing shit up. Plus a car or robot is about the only thing more devoid of personality than a Michael Bay movie. He should be in his element. Senor Spielbergo is producing though so that gives me some hope that it will capture 'some' of that magic you remember from 20 years ago.

One thing makes me nervous now though ... apparently GM is exclusive to this so that means no non-GM cars. I always hated BumbleBee - too soft back in the day and all he was good for was carting the one or two humans around in relative comfort while being easy on gas (energon?). One thing he's not is full of attitude which these cars tend to exude: http://www.aintitcool.com/images2006/bumblebee4.jpg anyone see this as any thing other than a chance to sell these cars which are conveniently coming out in a year or so to capture the retro craze?

Bad enough that megatron isn't a gun, don't just change every damn robot to the point that they make no sense. The cars were a representation of the personality/role of the robot in the story and these minor details should be respected if one is going to make a movie with this kind of fanbase. What if they made Superman and gave him a different logo or yellow suit... same principle.


  2006.05.30  07.59
Mess with the bull...

http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/14690502.htm ...don't worry old man - you'll live forever on T-shirts and in the memories of 10 million gen-x'ers

Oddly enough I had a dream last night that Tony Iommi had passed on... maybe the confusion in my head was created by this picture and reading about this fellow dying yesterday.


  2006.05.27  14.25

I'd found this mentioned in a msg board today an sent a link in an email but why not throw it here. Saves having to update.

Primus running through the first part of Master of Puppets.


  2006.05.14  17.05
Guitar Hero 2 clip from E3



(One of my fave Power hour/30 songs - Who the Hell was in my room? by the Butthole Surfers).


  2006.05.14  13.37
Whats Rich doing?

Updating since I can't rememeber when I last did one.

Work is going well. I have some housekeeping to do before I get my evaluation done. I have to write up my list of accomplishments since last year. Although I'm only 'official' since December 1 I was told to throw in the last 12 months anyway. Not bad - I can think of 1 approved standard, 2 draft standards for implementation into the prototype (Structured Data/Geomatics and Digital Asset Management). 8 preliminary controlled vocabularies, my contribution to the development of the GoC Records Managmement standard and application profile and content development for the Parks IM Awareness e-learning tool. Can probably come up with a few more things if I actually put my mind to it.

Have a decision to make... the lead I report to is going on mat leave soon (3 weeks) and I have a possibility of acting in that position. She'll put in a word for me and the manager thinks highly of me. Do I put my current job on hold and try for this? (might not get it but it would be easier if I did... for most concerned). I think I can do the job - systems implementations from an IM perspective, analysis of requirements also from that perspective and several other responsibilities. Seriously ... I know I'll end up with several of those business analyst roles while shes gone anyway as well as some of the policy aspects too (writing/implementing/etc) might as well be paid accordingly... I think I will shadow her for a day this week to get a batter feel for the actual job.

So the Sens are out... they made a run of it. Sort of a shame that it gets tougher to get the cup "in canada" again but most of any team is canadian anyway so its sort of moot. Thats about all you'll hear from me on it. No cute graphics rubbing it in on their fans and mocking the team... (unlike what seems to be a whole publishing wing making shit up when the Leafs do poorly).

Deciding what to do with the tax refund. This month is also a 3 cheque month so theres some extra cash kicking around after paying bills. I was thinking of getting a Canon 20D but might still put it off for a month. I want it before vacation and Dave's wedding for damn sure so maybe I'll hold off till the GST cut and save that 15 bucks (LOL).

(so noone rats me out - these are MY opinions and do not represent the public service of Canada). (apparently we're supposed to preface critical things with that)

So how about that budget hey? Fuckin middle-class vote buying made simple. Raise the lowest income earner's tax bracket, throw in a few thinly veiled attempts to encourage women to stay home and raise their families and a little something for the ones with kids already (an inconsequntial sports refund that will save you to price of a bag of pucks after taxes - about 74 dollars per year). All this balanced on the back of the environment. I mean shit people - lower income tax = more money for people to spend and higher consumption taxes actually get some money wrung out of those few that can affore to buy houses and boats all the while doing more to encourage sensible consumption. I don't mind getting taxed to do my part (education, welfare, employment, infrastructure) but don't ask me to subsidize the CHOICE of others to have children. Watch for next years highlights - anti-SSM vote, missile defence and some more nice perks our oil-producing friends in the US (since the major benefactors WILL be US owned oil interests in the West) ... they get a majority and forgive my chicken-littleness but we are fucked.

Other than all that - learning to play guitar (both video game and real electric). Know smoe chords now, discovered drop-D tuning so the power chords have been easier. Its still not sounding so great but its coming along. Having an amp really helps - I picked up this thing about a month ago. Sounds good when you put on some headphones - its a little loud for practicing. If I was any good people might not mind but high volume bad chords sound nasty. :)

It was E3 this week and they announced all the new stuff for the video and PC gaming world - impressed by the Nintendo Wii (thats a must buy if its 250 like they say it probably will be), the PS3 and XBox 360s are just more powerful versions of the last consoles. I'll get one of them because I'm a sucker for new graphics and some of the games that don't make it to Nintendo at all - but not yet. The PS3 will be ~800 after tax here in Canada and the 360 is ~600 currently. Thats before buying games. Screw that ... once Fallout 3 comes out and I know what the System Requirements are I'll make a decision to stick with the PC or get one of the new consoles. Otherwise I'll wait till they're lower than 400 and I can get some decent games (that I want to play). The Wii I'll buy at launch.

Comment on the Tool album? For what songs are on that that are actually songs... its incredible. I'd almost forgot Tool existed over those 5 years so its not blind loyalty. The lyrics are somewhat cheesy and some of the sings are derivative of past albums ... big whoop (they always have been). Are you likely to find this level of musucianship in this genre in another album this year? I highly doubt it. The bad? There have always been spazzy non-songs like the last one on this album. They don't need to be more than 2-3 minutes though and I think thats where the dissapointment sets in. Some people waited for the whole 5 years hoping this was going to be wall to wall music. My hope? Don't wait 5 years trying to fill 86 min of CD. (doubt this will be an issue since APC is apprently DONE and any residual fallout from the label dispute and Tool should be finished too. I hope they get less modest on the next one. For such a collection of talent (from vocal capability, percussion, guitar to the bass) they're very minimalistic. I'd like to see a truly pretentious/self absorbed tool album with all the stops pulled out ala Mars Volta but with the songs tightened for length - no 15 minute ones unless they're as dense as possible. They keep waiting 5 years and they'll be too old for another album.

More music? Check out Wolfmother, Matisyahu and Pelican. You know where to find them.

This is long enough already...


  2006.04.23  12.30
Have the NHL rules changes affected the fans?

There are people complaining that although the hit on Umberger last night in the Buffalo/Philly game was clean and legal there is no place for such a thing in the NHL. Excuse me? WTF? That was the best hit of the year so far and exactly whats missing in the game this past season. Hope he's not hurt though - he didn't even know where he was when he was laying on the ice.

Umbergered n. pl.

1. Getting knocked the f**k out.
2. Not knowing who or where you are
3. Failing to keep head up.

With video: http://www.wnymedia.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1307


  2006.04.21  18.47

This new Tool cd is pretty great.
will elaborate later


  2006.04.16  07.52
RIP Leafs

Oh well ... it was fun while it lasted. A slump in January that killed their chances at the playoffs and then a run after losing two straight to Montreal that was as good as any team in the league. Taking it to Ottawa last night was very nice. Poor Joe even apologized for the last 7 games now that he knows how it feels to get absolutely whipped in the first two periods and then have to get through the next one and stay excited about the prospect. (beer helps). Maybe the Sens got the "playoff" leafs last night (the ones they can't beat). Now get it together or the Canadiens are going to drop you first round and I'll have to endure the enormous vacumn that is all that team love getting sucked up into the closet until the Sens start to do great again next season and everyone becomes a Superfan (TM) again.

Thing is the guys are ok - no mindless Leaf hating in the crowd (unlike most of the net and people walking the streets here) clue one... you don't like them? Don't talk about them. I know it sucks to watch a team you don't like but the market is like that and if Toronto is on the CBC will play it.

They finished where I predicted them to (just shy of the playoffs) they played the young guys (guess what - the average age isn't that high), Belfour looks to be gone, Quinn might go as well as some upper management meddlers, Alison's departure cranked the team speed up at least 3 notches and having a non-hall of fame goalie is just what the team needs to play with some urgency out front. Save the $ from super-goalies, spend it on D and a winger, bring back Mats, keep Tucker and the younger players (Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Ondrus, White - damn nice save on the poke check last night, Kaberle is already signed, keep Kilger too, keep Aubin in net or Telly and buy out Belfour, sell Belak, Berg, Khavanov to a carnival somewhere, trade Antropov, Mccabe and maybe resign Lindros if he's really cheap and can do a full season. Main thing is to get D and a winger for Mats. Short story - The young guys stay and the old ones or expensive ones go for players or picks. Couple years and they'll be fine.

Good luck Habs, Flames and Oil!


  2006.04.15  18.51
Pictures developed n posted/

Got some more pictures developed finally. I was sitting on this rill for some time. From when I went to get maple syrup in the woods with Cara and her family - there was a large rooster in the petting zoo - and some visocous geese. Otherwise its a few pictures of montreal streets, the basilica de notre dame and some pictures of some flowers Brandie got for her birthday.



  2006.03.24  20.18

Just listening to "all within my hands" by Metallica. You know, it sounds like there could actually be some good drumming under all that noise and really bad snare. Wonder if it was just part of the "sound" they wer aiming at or done to hide the fact that Lars is getting a little long in the tooth and unable to bust out the jams like a song that speed would require. (yeah its no Master of Puppets but still gets up to a decent clip)


  2006.03.19  10.39
Feeling old

So with new consoles coming out this year (maybe... the ones that count anyway - PS3/Revolution) and E3 around the corner I've been scouring message boards looking for info. A lot of top 10s and "best of" lists have been popping up. It makes you feel old when you realize from the lists that are user submitted that a lot of kids haven't played a lot of the original games that started it all. For a lot of people RPGs begin and end with Final Fantasy 7. Don't get me wrong - its a good game but it feels wierd when you realize that you've been playing RPGs (ie: Bard's Tale 2/SSI "gold box") and games in general (Remember Pong?, Adventure?, Yar's Revenge ... fuckin A) since before a lot of the respondants were even born.

'ach, laddie.... I was killing aliens while you were still at yer mothers teat' - Willy.

Mood: thoughtful

  2006.03.13  07.42
A few pictures from Montreal.


Still waiting to finish some rolls of film and then there'll be more (better) ones. These I took on the digital camera in between places and sometimes as an afterthought.



  2006.03.08  17.37
A nice surprise.

So I go past CD Exchange (used CD store) yesterday and they have their latest releases listed outside... lo and behold the Bad Religion Live at the Palladium DVD listed. I forgot all about it being released this month.

Naturally I picked it up. Anyone wanting to see Bad Religion live should immediately find this and buy it. 96 min (which is sort of short) but it has 33 songs on there from ALL of the albums. It also includes interviews (new as well as ancient ones), photos and ALL the videos they made when they were with Epitaph.

Whats to say - the transfer is excellent, its a 10 camera shoot so you miss nothing, set list is even better than the one we saw at Capital Music Hall and the sound is great in 5.1. The topper though... near the end they roll out a piano and Greg G does Cease solo. Sweet. Huge sing along potential and I know its going to kick off another week or two of exclusive BR listening.

I might be biased but if you even have a passing fancy with BR you have to get this somewhere.



  2006.03.07  07.33
Guitar hero will continue to rock...


Can't say that the Country spinoff is the most appealing but that Metal disc could be sweet. Who am I kidding? Even "more than a feeling" is a #1 when you have that little plastic guitar on.


  2006.03.03  17.24
Hicks quote identification...

Rio or Wheeler or whoever...

what's the title of the track with this in it. I know I have it cause I heard it on my MP3 player and remember some other funny stuff on that track. Any one of no doubt a half dozen similarly named tracks will do...

"They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference".


Found it... called "pot smoking" (duh)... complete with ruminations about getting up at noon and learning to play the sitar.


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