coffeedemon (coffeedemon) wrote,

Killin Time

So not much new happening. My picture output has been lowered due to the unexpected onset of winter. Say unexpected because previously it was a balmy 5 for a string of days and it looked like Winterlude was going to be a bust from the getgo (as opposed to busting out halfway through). If this keeps up ( ~ -25C with windchill most days and its dry) the canal will catch over better and the show will go on.

I have a couple ideas for some pictures I want to get this year so hopefully I'll get out (see: cold, above). With the digital slr its great for all intents and purposes its as good as film to me. Film's big advantage for me now would only be resolution (I miss real black and white though but its a nightmare to get developed here now - everyone sends away and I get it back with a limited number of keepers anyway so its NOT cost efficient). For the size of prints I'll ever make ... 16x20 probably as big as I can see wanting a picture, 8MP is enough. I just need a better lens now since you can only do so much with one.

Been playing FEAR as a rental for the 360. Very nice. The environment is a bit repetitive so far but the gunfights are awesome and there are some good scares in there too. Mostly "jump" style like a quick flash of a dismembered corpse or ala The Ring the creepy girl that you see from time to time doing something fucked up... I think I'll try out the online before I return it. If lots of people are still playing it should be a blast and its been a while since I've been called a fag or had a remark made about my mom.
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