coffeedemon (coffeedemon) wrote,

No, that wasn't intimidating...

Great fun on course this week - 4 days of Information Lifecycle Management. Part of our incremental case study was to design a system for management of information or a metadata schema or some other integral part of the system design process. I said screw making up a new one and used our model/framework in development back at work... risky I know - especially if we are doing it all wrong (although people say they trust me I always doubt I know as much as someone else tells me I do). Here's the thing though... they loved it and thought it should be an alternative to what is being pushed currently. At break I'm swooped on by 3 managers all talking getting this finished and certified and maybe rolled into RDIMS for GOC wide usage. Things to consider I guess... looks like we're going to have to take this on the conference circuit once we roll out.

Side note: for a core IM course there's a surprising variety of knowledge of metadata - considering its basically the blood of any system used to identify, organize and inventory information.
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