coffeedemon (coffeedemon) wrote,

Only took 3 years

I finished Zelda: Wind Waker last night. Had it since the day it was released but went about 2+ years in between never getting around to finishing the triforce and sailing around that damn ocean. All in all a good game, better than most but certainly not the best (or third best... maybe 4th) Zelda. Link to the Past is still the best IMO.

So whats next on the list of old games? I still have 1/4 of Metroid Prime to do, Ocarina of Time 1/2 and Resident Evil 4 (about 2/3 left)... and thats just Cube. I took Chris' lead and hooked the console to my computer ... to prove that to me at least that graphics are secondary I've got the ghetto setup going: cube to RF adapter to TV card (got when I was living in a room and needed something to watch tv), anyway ... tuner internally patched to the mic input on my soundcard and through an ancient Radeon 8500, VGA out to the LCD. needless to say its got some image degradation along the way there and the drivers are none too fresh. It works though and I can sit in bed and play Nintendo while Brandie/Joe watch TV. Still waiting on Vista to come out and the card makers to settle their standards for the time being before upgrading.
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