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No Wii Woes

Couldn't resist the alliteration...

Anyway, there are no Wiis to be found anywhere at present and just as few controllers and other accessories. I guess its just as well since I can now see if there are any issues with the thing. Aside from a few firewall errors and some idiot throwing a controller into his tv (I question the ammount of force he thought was necessary to make the bowling ball go faster.

Might want to get a skin for the remote when I do find one.

All around good reviews for it so far hardware wise. I hope this is just a means of getting people hooked on new ways of interfacing with games and in the next iteration they throw some serious power into the system should the technique catch on. Already though I read you use the remote as a set of forceps in the Trauma Center game they have coming out - you squeeve the adjacent button and trigger while moving around spleens and kidneys.

Naturally, fishing games are a lock and even if its a bad game most fishing games are nowadays (I miss you Super Black Bass!) you could probably get around most of the tedium if you were using the setup as it is in Zelda. More than likely it will be refined by then too.

I wonder if we could finally see a Real Time Strategy game come out for a console that isn't crippled by the control setup. I hear Command and Conquer 3 is coming out on the 360... micromanagement of the typical C&C army with analog sticks? No Thanks.
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