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"One of the main reasons that everybody is so excited about this group's new album is that ever since Nirvana's dreary legacy of grunge permeated the metal scene, the art of 'true metal', and its unironic lyrics about scary monsters smelling like farts and beer, and masturbatory virtuoso musicianship had taken a backseat to more easily-marketable-to-idiots metal like emo-metal, nu-metal and rap-metal. You know the kind: the ones with a DJ and whose singer got abused by his dad, so the lyrics are about being bullied at school and cutting yourself. Thanks for that, lads.

The good news is Blood Mountain couldn't be more aesthetically opposed to all that drippy bullshit if it tried.

Revolving mainly around the tortured, twin vocals of guitarist Brent Hinds and bassist Troy Sanders, the 12 songs on here are filled with furious, intricate guitar riffing, myriad time changes and crazed drumming patterns that wouldn't be out of place on something like Bitches Brew or a King Crimson album. In the Seventies, they would have called it prog."

The Observer Music Monthly

Interesting take on the state of new metal in light of the release of the new Mastodon. Which by the way is fucking awesome - if you have any interest in heavy music at all check this album out.

Speaking of which - music that is. Bad Religion was awesome last night as were the Dropkick Murphys. The band before them was even ok. Sort of Propagandhi-ish but they're from Winnipeg too - maybe something in the water. I missed a fight when I went to buy a DKM Tshirt. I figure 20 bucks from a shirt is ok and they'll actually make more on that shirt and concert ticket than if I had actually paid for the music I have by them. I'm generous... what can I say?

Rare treat - got to see Greg G play two songs on an acoustic during the encore before ending with American Jesus and Sorrow. He played Suffer and Dream of Unity. Really cool ... I thought he was going to play one of his own but that was better - I'd only ever heard Suffer accoustic on a bootleg.
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