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We can't stop here - This is bat country

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  2007.01.25  17.28
Killin Time

So not much new happening. My picture output has been lowered due to the unexpected onset of winter. Say unexpected because previously it was a balmy 5 for a string of days and it looked like Winterlude was going to be a bust from the getgo (as opposed to busting out halfway through). If this keeps up ( ~ -25C with windchill most days and its dry) the canal will catch over better and the show will go on.

I have a couple ideas for some pictures I want to get this year so hopefully I'll get out (see: cold, above). With the digital slr its great for all intents and purposes its as good as film to me. Film's big advantage for me now would only be resolution (I miss real black and white though but its a nightmare to get developed here now - everyone sends away and I get it back with a limited number of keepers anyway so its NOT cost efficient). For the size of prints I'll ever make ... 16x20 probably as big as I can see wanting a picture, 8MP is enough. I just need a better lens now since you can only do so much with one.

Been playing FEAR as a rental for the 360. Very nice. The environment is a bit repetitive so far but the gunfights are awesome and there are some good scares in there too. Mostly "jump" style like a quick flash of a dismembered corpse or ala The Ring the creepy girl that you see from time to time doing something fucked up... I think I'll try out the online before I return it. If lots of people are still playing it should be a blast and its been a while since I've been called a fag or had a remark made about my mom.


  2007.01.14  19.01
Noise from the void

I figure I'll update ... its been close to a month and a half by my count - the computer was on the fritz so I have been using my cable for the Xbox. I have another till Cara reclaims her laptop so I fixed the PC and connected it that way.

Christmas is now said and done and went by with little notice. I put up the tree and still have to get it taken down but with the wierd weather I never got into the whole thing. I still have cards to mail too so I'll get that done this week, take down the tree and repot some plants that need it.

I picked up an Xbox 360 early in December and have been at that for a while now - great system with some awesome games. I was going to get a Wii but I'll wait for a few more AAA titles and some decent availability in store so I can actually pick one up. Have become something of an achievement whore - I try to get as many points as I can of the available ones. Its great for getting you to actually play the games and explore for extra stuff. Gamertag stuff in my profile if anyone wants to add me

The Leafs still suck this year - oh well they weren't expected to do much so I'm not too upset. I wish they would try though. See what trade dealine and UFA season brings.

Work is going well - a week course mon-fri where I'm delivering and participating in the training as well as being a participant. I do well and I might get to travel to deliver it in the regions (ie: Pacific Rim or Ivvavik or someplace fucking awesome like that). Chances are I'll be like the rest of the National Office team and have to deal with the rollout of our new work environment.

Other than that I'm awaiting porkchops now that are almost cooked. I loaded up on oil capsules (not regularly getting Omega 3 acids so I'll see what the fuss is about) so I need something else in my stomach.


  2006.12.02  11.14
Paying for shit...

Maybe its age that makes you responsible or its the fact that you usually have more money kicking around and paying for software/services isn't as big a deal. I find myself buying as in actually paying for items rather than pirating them nowadays (unless its absolutely a nightmare to proqure) and basically using less... odd. I'd have every latest game or program just to have it. maybe its due to the fact that my PC can't run the new games so I don't want to buy OR steal them. Was just thinking about that...

the actual point is I plunked down the 2/month to get a flickr "pro" account... the extra sets make it actually functional now (previously as a free account I think I could make 3 sets? Not much point to upload more than 40 pictures if noone can find the goddamn things when you put them up. So Ispent the morning making titles for everything, categorizing and applying tags. Soon I'll arrange it so I can separate any picture by set and the overlap won't be as apparent (naturally cross linking between sets is a sensible way to use the navigation and drive people to underseen photos) - currently some sets are small so they might match other sets in overall content. I figure once the volume increases the redundant ones will be apparent too. 2 GB a month I should be able to start uploading more (and after I weed the junk/weak pictures). http://www.flickr.com/photos/r_dennis/

Not looking for praise (shit thats all flickr is anyway ... no one critiques - just "lolz - great photo" and shit like that) ... just throwing images out there for people to look at. Just today I saw a sunset from St Lucia that was awesome ... and its not like I'm going there anytime soon. Thats the principle here.


  2006.11.29  16.56
No, that wasn't intimidating...

Great fun on course this week - 4 days of Information Lifecycle Management. Part of our incremental case study was to design a system for management of information or a metadata schema or some other integral part of the system design process. I said screw making up a new one and used our model/framework in development back at work... risky I know - especially if we are doing it all wrong (although people say they trust me I always doubt I know as much as someone else tells me I do). Here's the thing though... they loved it and thought it should be an alternative to what is being pushed currently. At break I'm swooped on by 3 managers all talking getting this finished and certified and maybe rolled into RDIMS for GOC wide usage. Things to consider I guess... looks like we're going to have to take this on the conference circuit once we roll out.

Side note: for a core IM course there's a surprising variety of knowledge of metadata - considering its basically the blood of any system used to identify, organize and inventory information.


  2006.11.25  06.48
Only took 3 years

I finished Zelda: Wind Waker last night. Had it since the day it was released but went about 2+ years in between never getting around to finishing the triforce and sailing around that damn ocean. All in all a good game, better than most but certainly not the best (or third best... maybe 4th) Zelda. Link to the Past is still the best IMO.

So whats next on the list of old games? I still have 1/4 of Metroid Prime to do, Ocarina of Time 1/2 and Resident Evil 4 (about 2/3 left)... and thats just Cube. I took Chris' lead and hooked the console to my computer ... to prove that to me at least that graphics are secondary I've got the ghetto setup going: cube to RF adapter to TV card (got when I was living in a room and needed something to watch tv), anyway ... tuner internally patched to the mic input on my soundcard and through an ancient Radeon 8500, VGA out to the LCD. needless to say its got some image degradation along the way there and the drivers are none too fresh. It works though and I can sit in bed and play Nintendo while Brandie/Joe watch TV. Still waiting on Vista to come out and the card makers to settle their standards for the time being before upgrading.


  2006.11.21  19.04
No Wii Woes

Couldn't resist the alliteration...

Anyway, there are no Wiis to be found anywhere at present and just as few controllers and other accessories. I guess its just as well since I can now see if there are any issues with the thing. Aside from a few firewall errors and some idiot throwing a controller into his tv (I question the ammount of force he thought was necessary to make the bowling ball go faster.

Might want to get a skin for the remote when I do find one.

All around good reviews for it so far hardware wise. I hope this is just a means of getting people hooked on new ways of interfacing with games and in the next iteration they throw some serious power into the system should the technique catch on. Already though I read you use the remote as a set of forceps in the Trauma Center game they have coming out - you squeeve the adjacent button and trigger while moving around spleens and kidneys.

Naturally, fishing games are a lock and even if its a bad game ...as most fishing games are nowadays (I miss you Super Black Bass!) you could probably get around most of the tedium if you were using the setup as it is in Zelda. More than likely it will be refined by then too.

I wonder if we could finally see a Real Time Strategy game come out for a console that isn't crippled by the control setup. I hear Command and Conquer 3 is coming out on the 360... micromanagement of the typical C&C army with analog sticks? No Thanks.


  2006.11.15  12.01

For the first time in my life I have maxed out my Canada Pension Plan contributions. I've never made enough previously to hit this mark so I guess I'm doing something right. Of course I only have 3 pay periods with which to reap these rewards but it beats paying the 90-odd bucks per period. Better still I get a raise in a couple weeks after completing my "first" year of service - as a PRI Identified employee anyway.

Sound like ego stroking - I don't care. I'm proud of myself. :P


  2006.11.11  13.41
My arm hurts

4 hours straight of Guitar Hero 2. Good hand exercise since I hit medium difficulty its moving more around the 'fretboard'. At the very least it will improve my flexibility and dexterity a bit for real guitar.

Message in a Bottle and Crazy on You are tied right now for my favourite to play (Sweet Child of Mine and War Pigs I've only tried once since I unlocked them as encores) I haven't unlocked Miserlou or Freebird yet so we'll see. Great game so far - I don't see much beating this for best PS2 game of the year. Maybe Okami if its as good as they say.


  2006.10.30  18.23
Late night Television

For those of you who are up late at night and are interested in good metal - Mastodon is on Conan on November 1 apparently. I don't think thats incredibly late out here in Eastern Time ... around 12? Worse comes to worse I'll catch it on Youtube the next day should I fall asleep.

Fooling around with Windows Media Player 11 now. Really nice player - the organization is much improved - especially if you have the album art too. I'm missing a lot and it makes it a bit harder to find what you want. One plus is seeing the albums laid out in front of you makes you more likely to check out something you've been neglecting to listen to just because the art is eye catching. I haven't found a way to quickly play all but I haven't dug to deep yet. I'm sure a "ctrl a" will catch them if nothing else. Seems a little more resource heavy though - I'm notcing a few clicks when I multitask that aren't an issue in WMP 10. Might also be due to updating my file info to get more album art.

This is up there with Foobar for me and probably above since I could never put a decent enough front end on foobar 2000 to make me want to use it and certain things in the playlist and selecting files annoyed me.


  2006.10.22  12.03
First round of photos

The first set of pictures from Winnipeg. This is mostly walking around pictures of random wall panels and a series of pictures of 2500Lb concrete bears. See the linked website in the captions for more details. I didn't find them all but found a lot of them. They're ~6 feet tall.

Some more to upload still... soon.



  2006.10.22  08.01
Heading Home

Heading Home
Originally uploaded by screen name taken.
Back in Ottawa again after a week in Winnipeg. I'm not sure if people from Winnipeg like the "winterpeg" label or not but it snowed there 3 times during the week I spent so take the label for what its worth.

Lovely place though once you get outside and walk around. Lots more pictures of old buildings, painted murals and concrete polar bears that I'll upload this morning and maybe write an update too. ;)


  2006.10.13  17.29
This is why I love hockey.


BOOM! Headshot

(It would even be ok had it been a Leaf getting Phaneufed. Its that part of the game in general that makes Hockey special).


  2006.10.12  21.16
If you don't have Leafs TV...


Paste that into WMP and watch the game ...currently 6-3 Leafs over Devils in a bad Brodeur showing - that and the Leafs are taking it to the Devils pretty well. Second intermission.

The link just showed up in a SportsNet forum - haven't seen anything for other games. Works almost as good as TV on my comp.


  2006.10.06  20.44
Awkward situations...


These are exerpts from some Dateline NBC show where they set up a sting to catch guys who were planning to have sex with a "12 year old on the internet"... unfortunately for them that turned out to be a middle aged FBI agent ... some guy is set up to interview them when they wait in the kitchen.

I'm sure that the music isn't entirely appropriate - but a clever choice.


  2006.09.30  12.28
Dropkick Murphys live on that annoying guy's TV show.


Anyway - thats the most into a performance that I have ever seen from a late show audience. Normally they're all just plants and strategically placed blondes.

Great performance of The Dirty Glass.


  2006.09.28  21.50
World of Warcraft

I didn't break down and buy this yet. I found a 14 day trial DVD at EB for 1.99 (yup two bucks). The downside is that its limited in available areas at the very least - I suppose the rest of the game mechanics are the same and there will be at least one decent battle to be had. I'm wondering if it will run... I have all the recomended requirements covered except it calls for a minimum of 512 MB ram. I have 448. Cutting it close I guess - I'll see after I download a 465 MB patch.

EDIT1: Game runs just fine in the early areas. I only made a Dwarf warrior cause its simple to play, killed some wolves and delivered 8 units of meat to some guy. So far its just deliveries and retrieval missions which is to be expected. It was that way in every RPG I've dealt with in 20 years. With a nice price drop on the boxed version (supposed to happen according to EBworld.com) I can see playing this for a while if it continues to run well.


  2006.09.27  21.39
Real Donair

Real Donair
Originally uploaded by screen name taken.
Hooley's up here in Ottawa claims to have the Original Halifax Donair. What you get is this reedy little thing in a wrap format and it costs you 10 bucks with a drink.

This is how they roll on the East... Louis Gee's from Corner Brook. I got this one night when i was home in august and had to take a picture. Ridiculous - and only around 4 bucks. Put the toonie on there for scale.


  2006.09.21  18.36

"One of the main reasons that everybody is so excited about this group's new album is that ever since Nirvana's dreary legacy of grunge permeated the metal scene, the art of 'true metal', and its unironic lyrics about scary monsters smelling like farts and beer, and masturbatory virtuoso musicianship had taken a backseat to more easily-marketable-to-idiots metal like emo-metal, nu-metal and rap-metal. You know the kind: the ones with a DJ and whose singer got abused by his dad, so the lyrics are about being bullied at school and cutting yourself. Thanks for that, lads.

The good news is Blood Mountain couldn't be more aesthetically opposed to all that drippy bullshit if it tried.

Revolving mainly around the tortured, twin vocals of guitarist Brent Hinds and bassist Troy Sanders, the 12 songs on here are filled with furious, intricate guitar riffing, myriad time changes and crazed drumming patterns that wouldn't be out of place on something like Bitches Brew or a King Crimson album. In the Seventies, they would have called it prog."

The Observer Music Monthly

Interesting take on the state of new metal in light of the release of the new Mastodon. Which by the way is fucking awesome - if you have any interest in heavy music at all check this album out.

Speaking of which - music that is. Bad Religion was awesome last night as were the Dropkick Murphys. The band before them was even ok. Sort of Propagandhi-ish but they're from Winnipeg too - maybe something in the water. I missed a fight when I went to buy a DKM Tshirt. I figure 20 bucks from a shirt is ok and they'll actually make more on that shirt and concert ticket than if I had actually paid for the music I have by them. I'm generous... what can I say?

Rare treat - got to see Greg G play two songs on an acoustic during the encore before ending with American Jesus and Sorrow. He played Suffer and Dream of Unity. Really cool ... I thought he was going to play one of his own but that was better - I'd only ever heard Suffer accoustic on a bootleg.


  2006.09.07  18.52


Some old some new. All funny


  2006.09.05  17.50
Make that old hate-monger squirm


Ah - sometimes Michael Moore is a genius. I was expecting a little more out of Phelps than to go slithering back behind his bible. Lousy clowns give the good Christians a bad name. Normally they'd be better ignored but sometimes I think you have to shine a light on the bottom feeders who would picket a funeral because of the orientation of the deceased.


  2006.09.02  14.41

Lark Harbour Afternoon Lark Harbour Afternoon

Lark Harbour, Newfoundland
August 2006

Lets see how this works. As if I needed another random place to put pictures I decided to try out the "plus" account and it comes with scrapbook. More than likely though, I'll just migrate to a pro flickr account till I rent web space (worthwhile given the # of pictures with nowhere to go). Click the tags to get around in there - not good navigation but its free.


Can anyone see ads when they view this entry? I don't see anything but that could be adblock.


  2006.08.22  18.53
Excited about music again...

New Slayer is pretty good with the old lineup back together. There's a new Lamb of God out I can 'sample' and the topper... new Mastodon in a few weeks! I don't buy too many CDs nowadays but I'll make an exception day one for this one (even though I'm listening to a half-assed leaked version currently). Excellent so far.


  2006.08.21  07.20
I'm alive

Back from Newfoundland after a week. Not really looking forward to work this morning but it shouldn't be too bad. Lots to update... that will wait till this evening however.

Lots of pictures too - including this one.

Broom Point in Gros Morne National Park of Canada


  2006.08.03  18.50
Ebay has everything

You know those stupid inline contextual ads where they highlight a random word in the text and link it to an ad? I found the greatest one ever:


  2006.07.28  21.46
Couple o' Photos

Lebreton Grafitti
Originally uploaded by screen name taken.
posted a couple of new pictures from wandering around. More when I get around to resizing for upload.


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